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Reduced Distraction Testing Space

This space should provide the student fewer sensory distractions than a typical large lecture hall style testing environment (ie. opportunity to use visual dividers, headphones, desks facing away from movement, testers spread out, etc.) and the student should have the option to start and end the test in the same room. Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Work with the department to identify a reduced distraction space at the department or, if there are no spaces available, Arrange proctoring through DRO.

Please note: For various reasons such as DRO space availability or staffing, it may be necessary for the instructor to be flexible with regard to the day/time of test administration.


  • Meet with the instructor to determine whether the test will be in the academic department or at the DRO.
  • Schedule tests as early as possible but not later than established deadlines to guarantee availability.
  • Test scheduling conflicts must be addressed with the instructor and resolved well in advance of the test. See Taking Exams With DRO


  • Provide a reduced distraction testing space when the student has made a reservation.
  • When requested, DRO can provide earplugs or noise dampening headphones.