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Accommodation Requests

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), NC State has designated the Disability Resource Office (DRO) as the authorized office to receive documentation and determine eligibility for appropriate accommodations (appropriate academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and modifications to policies/procedures) for students on the basis of disability.

Students are encouraged to connect with the DRO once they have accepted admission or are enrolled in an academic course at NC State. DRO attempts to respond to requests within 15 business days of submission; however, to ensure academic accommodations can be utilized within the current semester, students should complete this process a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the last day of classes.

Accommodations are determined individually and are intended to eliminate institutional barriers for a qualified individual to have equal opportunities for participation. 

  • Accommodations do not remove or exclude requirements, but allow a student with a disability the same opportunity to fully participate and benefit from programs and services as their non-disabled peers. 
  • The Disability Resource Office engages in an interactive process and considers each individual’s functional limitations, history, request and the essential elements of NC State University programs, services and activities to determine appropriate accommodations. 

Steps to Connect with DRO 

  1. Complete and submit the disclosure form and upload documentation (see Documentation Guidelines).
  2. Once the disclosure information and documentation are received and reviewed by the DRO, students will be contacted via their University email and notified of their next steps. Submissions will not be processed until both the Disclosure Form and supporting documentation have been received (unless your disability is easily observable or you are disclosing a Service Animal (as defined by the ADA). 
  3. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions regarding the need, submission or upload of your documentation, please contact the DRO,


**Generally, students are notified within ten business days of submission, if you have not received communication from the DRO within this timeframe, please contact the DRO,

**Students requesting accommodations within University Housing (including service animals or emotional support animals) should also review Accommodations within University Housing for additional information.

Notify Faculty for Use of Approved Accommodations

To use approved accommodations, students must notify their faculty every semester by sending an Accommodation Letter. Accommodations are not retroactive and may take time to be implemented, so letters should be sent as early in the semester as possible.

Navigating a Short-Term Impairment

Students with a temporary or short -term impairment that limits a major life activity such as a broken arm, concussion, surgery recovery, etc. may seek assistance in meeting course requirements after communicating with instructors. You may be referred to the DRO if the instructor and/or department is unable to provide a solution. You should contact DRO via email ( explaining how DRO can assist after the discussion with instructors.  For additional resources please review the Short-Term Impairment checklist.

Appeals/Grievance Procedure

NC State University’s grievance procedures apply to students with disabilities who feel denied equal access in the form of appropriate accommodations, modifications, auxiliary aids or effective communication or suffered discriminatory harassment as described in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or The Americans with Disabilities Act.

Students should first discuss any concerns with a DRO Access Consultant and may then decide to file:

Accommodation Reconsideration

Students who have a grievance related to the determination of eligibility may request a reconsideration. An Accommodation Reconsideration provides students with the opportunity to request a review of the prior DRO decision regarding an eligibility determination. 

To initiate this process students should submit a request for a reconsideration in writing to the DRO Director as soon as possible following their receipt of the written determination. The DRO Director will review the information leading to the original eligibility decision. The DRO Director may request additional information if deemed necessary as part of the reconsideration to ensure a careful and thorough reassessment.

Appeals to Reconsideration

Individuals may file appeals to the original eligibility decision or the Reconsideration outcome by completing the Written Student Complaint process.

Discrimination Complaint

Students who have complaints related to discrimination or harassment on the basis of a disability should follow the established Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Complaint Procedure.