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Arranging Test Proctoring With the DRO

If an instructor can not set up testing accommodations within the department, test proctoring services can be set up through the DRO.

To set up the test proctoring option through the DRO:

  1. Log into the Instructor Portal to review the Accommodation Letter (specifically the testing accommodations).
  2. After discussing accommodations with the student, click “Confirm” to allow the student to schedule tests with the DRO.  Do not do so if the student will test elsewhere.
  3. Review accommodation information for each student that books a test at the DRO.  Verify the scheduled testing date and any special testing requirements such as alternate format.
  4. Enter the class-test information into the online portal for each test / final exam on the syllabus.  The listing will apply to all students in the section that are confirmed to test at the DRO.
  5. Upload the test to the secure server at least one business day in advance of the test.  Tests that need to be converted into alternate format may require three business days in advance of the test date.  Failure to upload tests by these deadlines may result in the need to reschedule the student.
  6. Contact the Testing Coordinator at with any questions.

Items of Note

  • Once an instructor “confirms” the intention for a student to test at DRO, students may make reservations even if the course instructor has not yet created a listing for the test / final exam.  It is the Instructors responsibility to work with the student on determining an appropriate testing date and time.  Instructors shoudl provide students with a date and time range of when the test should be taken.  Any questions or concerns after speaking with the student about scheduling conflicts should be addressed with the student’s Access Consultant listed in the accommodation letter.  Students who make reservations that are not in good-faith are subject to academic integrity rules.
  • Students must make reservations more than three business days before the test date.  Students who do not make reservations at least three business days prior to the test date will need to contact their instructors to discuss what, if any options are available for receiving their accommodations outside the DRO testing spaces.
  • Multiple test files will need to be uploaded one at a time or combined into a zip file before uploading.  The development team is working on a fix for this.