DRO Proctoring Services

The DRO provides limited proctoring services when an instructor is unable to provide testing accommodations within the academic department and requires the use of an alternative testing location.


The deadline to request a guaranteed testing space is Friday, February 7 for all tests, midterms, and final exams.


Location, Hours and Contact Information


  • The DRO Proctoring Center is located in Suite 107 on the first floor of Holmes Hall.
  • DRO’s secondary testing location is located in DRO’s main office – Suite 304 on the third floor of Holmes Hall.

Contact Information:

  • E-mail – dso-testing@ncsu.edu – Preferred method for quickest response
  • Telephone – 919-513-3769

Regular Semester Proctoring Hours:

  • 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM Monday through Friday

Final Exam Proctoring Hours:

  • 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM on regularly scheduled final exam days.
  • DRO does not administer exams on the Reading Day(s).
  • Check the university’s final exam calendar if the date and time are not on your syllabus.

Scheduling Space 

Scheduling space indicates that both the student and the instructor:

  1. have reviewed and discussed the student’s Accommodation Letter;
  2. understand and agree to the approved testing accommodations; and
  3. understand and agree to comply with DRO policies and procedures as well as the Code of Student Conduct.

Main Campus Courses

To ensure space availability, all reservations should be made as early in the semester as possible.  Request must be made no less than five business days (unless otherwise specified) before each exam date.

  1. Request space at the DRO through the DRO Student PortalStep-by-step instructions are available for your convenience.
  2. If space is unavailable or you encounter challenges use the DRO Scheduling Form.
  3. Once a reservation has been made, notify the instructor of the date and time by forwarding the confirmation email.  Instructors will receive an email notification requesting confirmation of exam details and to upload it.  DRO proctors as indicated by the details provided.

Centennial Campus Courses

Students registered for courses on Centennial have two location options:
  1. schedule at the DRO following the “Main Campus Courses” process above; or
  2. if preferred, schedule at DELTA Testing Services* by completing DELTA’s Centennial Campus / Overflow Accommodation Request Form at least 72 hours prior to the exam date.
  • DELTA Testing Services is DRO’s overflow partner and has a large testing center on Centennial Campus in the Venture IV building.
  • *NOTE – DRO and DELTA are different departments!

Distance Education and Online Courses

  • DELTA Testing Services* handles accommodations for distance education and online courses, as well as for certain on-campus classes.
  • *NOTE – DRO and DELTA are different departments!

Exams at the DELTA Testing Centers are by appointment only.

Students must fill out the DE / Online Accommodation Request Form for each course in which accommodations are received. To complete this form you must upload a copy of your accommodation letter (so first download a copy of the Accommodation Letter from the DRO Student Portal).  Once DELTA has processed your request(s), they will send a confirmation email informing your appointments can be made. Appointments must be made at least 4 hours in advance.

Engineering Online Courses

Download a copy of the Accommodation Letter from the DRO Student Portal and send that to the Proctor you will use for the Engineering Online exam.

Late Arrivals

Students arriving more than 20 minutes late will need to have the instructor send permission to the DRO for the student to take the exam within the remaining time or to re-schedule.  Testers that arrive 1-20 minutes late will only receive the remaining time of their scheduled reservation.  If you think you will be late for a reservation please send an e-mail to dso-testing@ncsu.edu or call us at 919-513-3769.


Students must contact DRO as soon as they know they will not need to or will not be able to keep a reservation.  Repeated no-shows may result in a student’s remaining reservations being cancelled.

Cancelling / Updating Reservations

The scheduling system does not offer an option to cancel or update reservations at this time.  Send an e-mail to dso-testing@ncsu.edu and let us know the date and course of the reservation.  If you need the reservation moved just forward your instructor’s update (for exams the instructor has moved to a new date) or permission (if the instructor is giving you permission to take the exam on another day or at another time).


DRO does not provide parking passes for testing.  Plan to park wherever you do for class and walk / take the Wolfline to your testing location.

Academic Integrity

DRO utilizes cameras to assist in the monitoring of the testing space.  Students are expected to adhere to all DRO Proctoring Policies and the Code of Student Conduct.  Infractions will result in the exam period’s immediate termination and notification will be sent to the instructor.  Students found to be violating policies may lose the privilege to take tests at the DRO Proctoring Center.

Disallowed Items

Disallowed items are any items that Instructors have not allowed on the testing form.  Possession of any  disallowed items in the testing area is a violation, regardless of intention.  All electronics must be left in your bag and always include communication devices (phones, tablets, smart watches) and smart pens.  Turn off your phone -including alarms- before checking in.  Phones that ring or have alarms go off will be turned off by DRO staff.

Materials Available

  • DRO does not allow the utilization of Blue books unless the instructor has made prior arrangements with the DRO.
  •  DRO has earplugs and headphones available to reduce ambient noise distractions.  Students may use their own personal noise cancelling headphones when approved by the proctoring staff.  Music is installed on computers and available for students to use upon request.
  • Computers are equipped with assistive technology and standard software; however, instructors should consult with DRO if a specific computer program or software is required. Students may only use computers when specified by the instructor or if needed as an accommodation.