Schedule Tests at the DRO

DRO Proctoring Services

The DRO provides limited proctoring services when an instructor is unable to provide testing accommodations within the academic department and requires the use of an alternative testing location.

COVID-19 Update

As per NC State Policy, face coverings are required for testing in-person with DRO.  Please contact your DRO Access Consultant if you can not meet this requirement.
Only one student is allowed in the reception area at a time.  If someone is in the office when you arrive you may wait immediately oyside the Proctoring Center Door. If someone is already waiting outside the door please exit the building and call 919-513-3769.  We will contact you when you may enter.  Do not form a line in the hallway.
If at all possible do not bring anything other than materials allowed for testing.
DRO staff will clean spaces between testers so reservations may be moved to account for this.  We appreciate your patience if your scheduled time is delayed.