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Extended Time on In-Class Assignments, Tests and Quizzes

Extended time on in-class assignments, quizzes and tests is more time (generally 1.5X) than that given to the rest of the class as stated in the student’s  Accommodation Letter. Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Provide extended time at the department or  Arrange test proctoring at DRO.
  • For the student to receive extended time at the DRO, it may be necessary for the instructor to be flexible about when the student takes the test for various reasons such as back-to-back classes, two final exams in a 24-hour period, DRO space and staff availability, etc.
  • If requested by the student, the Instructor should make time adjustments to online quizzes/tests to the extended time allotment provided on student’s accommodation letter (i.e. online 10 min quiz set to 15 mins for student with 1.5x extension).

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It has come to our attention that there have been some Moodle Groups named based on student disability accommodations, typically extended time for exams.  Refrain from designating these groups names like: Extended Time, Extra Time or anything of the sort.  These groups can be viewed by all students. Sharing a student’s disability-related accommodations is a FERPA violation and a very serious matter.  Please check your courses to ensure your groups are appropriately named.

If you have questions about how to properly name groups in Moodle, please refer to the DELTA Knowledge Base article for information about Hiding Quiz Override Groups.  For further accessibility questions or assistance, please contact LearnTech at or by phone at  (919) 513-7094.


  • Meet with the instructor to determine whether the test will be at the department or at the DRO.
  • Schedule any tests needed to be proctored by DRO.
  • Any test scheduling conflicts should be addressed with the instructor and resolved well in advance of the test.