Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) is a generic term that describes tools used by people to accomplish tasks they may not otherwise be able to do. The DRO utilizes AT to promote independence and employs a variety of options based on individual needs.

Students work with the Assistive Technology Coordinator to determine what if any, devices, tools or software can be utilized to remove barriers and minimize functional limitations.  Depending upon the situation, the DRO loans AT directly to qualifying students in order to remove access barriers that have been created in the academic environment.  Students may have their own AT that provides assistance that is personal in nature.  Some most commonly used examples of items the DRO may provide are below.

Assistive Listening Devices
Recording Devices
Voice/Speech Recognition
Blue Light Filters
Making your device easier to see
Read and Write by Texthelp
EquatIO Voiced Math
Microsoft Learning Tools
Time Management Strategies

Please schedule a meeting with the Assistive Technology Coordinator ( if you are interested in learning more.