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Remote Classroom Access

If remote access was identified as a viable option during the attendance plan meeting, a student should connect with the Instructor and discuss which, if any, methods below would be the best way to interact with the class from a remote location. These options are not intended to replace class attendance.

  1. Skype
    1. Features: HD Video Calling, Live Subtitles, Screen sharing, Call Recording
    2. What can I do during a Skype Call?
  2. Google Hangouts
    1. Hangouts Meet is a new web conferecing tool that provides HD video calling, Screen sharing, and chat, integrates well with calendar events and link sharing.
    2. Get to know Hangouts Meet


  1. Zoom
    1. Online Conferencing software that NC State instructors can use Zoom in their courses to conduct synchronous online class meetings or to hold online office hours.
    2. Zoom Login
    3. Zoom Training


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