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DRO Proctoring Adverse Weather Procedure

If NC State University cancels classes and implements the Adverse Weather Policy, the DRO will follow this procedure.

Students and staff must decide if they feel their safety is at risk by coming in.  If a student feels at risk they should contact the course instructor and the DRO Proctoring Center Coordinator to make alternate arrangements.

Tests for classes that are cancelled will not be administered.  They will be re-scheduled to the new date(s) on which the instructors will administer the tests if the DRO has space available.  If space is not available, the student(s) and instructor(s) will be notified so that alternate arrangements may be made.

Tests for classes that took place before / after the Adverse Weather Policy was in effect will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  The student and instructor will be contacted by the DRO Proctoring Center Coordinator or a designee, with primary weight given to the safety concerns of the student and the DRO staff who would administer the exam.

If a class is canceled due to adverse weather but a student is scheduled to take that test on another day already, the student should send an e-mail to the instructor, copying , and discuss the new test date for the class and whether or not re-scheduling is appropriate.

Appointments with DSO Access Consultants and the Assistive Technology Coordinator may be re-scheduled depending on the safety concerns of the student and the DRO staff.

If NC State University closes, the DRO will also close and all appointments and test reservations will be cancelled.  Where possible, they will be re-scheduled to an appropriate later date.