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Response to Receiving an Accommodation letter

This is response, posted with permission, creates a welcoming environment while demonstrating a full consideration of the implementation of accommodations. It outlines what can be done while also allowing the opportunity for feedback.

Hello Student.

I have just received a letter from the Disability Resource Office indicating the need to provide you with appropriate classroom and testing accommodations for taking the course ABC 101-001 this Spring 2022 Semester.   In particular, the letter highlights the issues that I list below, and for each item I have suggested an accommodation.  But I am unsure if each suggestion is, or is not, appropriate for your particular needs.  

Would you please respond to this e-mail message and indicate whether or not these proposed accommodations are appropriate. Or alternatively, please send me a Zoom meeting invitation to meet on-line with you to discuss how your request for classroom and testing accommodations might be met. 

Classroom Accommodations
Priority Seating:  At the present time you are seated in the third row.  Is this an appropriate location for you?  There are empty seats in the first 3 rows.
Permission to Audio Record Class Lectures
Yes you have my permission to audio record the lectures.  However, this may not be necessary as all  lectures are automatically being video and audio recorded on Panopto and are available to listen to at any time through the Wolfware course website link entitled "ABC101001 Spring 2022 Recorded Lectures".  

Testing Accommodations
Extended Time for timed assessments (quizzes/tests/in class assignments): x 1.5.  At the end of each lecture period at about 4:05 pm there will be a short 10 minute pop quiz with about 10 multiple choice questions. I plan to extend the duration of these pop quizzes until 11:00pm the same evening, so the questions can be answered after the class has finished wherever a student has access to the internet and can reach the course Wolfware webpage. 
Testing Space: Reduced-distraction: 
There will be 3 tests to be taken in the Lecture Room during the lecture period between 3:00 - 4:15 pm on February 9th, March 30th and April 20th.  I propose that I reserve an alternative small meeting room in the Department on these days so that you can be isolated in a quiet room and utilize your extended time in order to complete the test.  The same arrangements will apply for the final examination.