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Stop The Clock Break For Medical Self Care

Stop the clock breaks for medical self care are short breaks during a timed assessment in which the student’s time is not penalized for the break. Depending on the student’s disability limitations and length of time for an assessment, the student might take multiple breaks. When a student takes a stop the clock break, the amount of time for the break should be added onto the student’s end time (e.g. original end time is 1:00, student takes 5-minute break, new end time is 1:05).

Instructors providing this testing accommodation should arrange how the student should use this accommodation in the classroom/proctored online testing environment (e.g. advise the instructor before taking a break). Unless otherwise specified, students proctored by the DRO or other proctoring service must inform the proctor of the break before taking it so the proctor can account for the time to add onto the student’s end time.

Due to the individualized nature of this accommodation, the DRO will determine the specific length of time and parameters surrounding the break(s) and list this on the student’s accommodation letter. Instructors or proctors needing assistance with implementation of this accommodation should contact the DRO prior to the student’s assessment.