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Foreign Language Substitution

To receive a foreign language substitution, the student must qualify for the substitution based on documentation on file in the DRO. If a student has made passing grades in past foreign language classes, he/she may not be eligible for substitution of these classes here at NC State as these grades indicate ability to achieve in foreign language learning. If documentation indicates a disability that significantly affects foreign language acquisition, the student will qualify for the substitution. The reports that are most helpful in determining eligibility directly address foreign language acquisition, recommend whether a substitute is warranted, and explain the circumstances that would need to be in place for the student to successfully complete foreign language coursework.

Foreign language coursework at NC State typically involves skill acquisition in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It is helpful if the student’s disability documentation explains how the disability prevents the student from acquiring foreign language skills in these areas.

If documentation on file has no mention of foreign language acquisition, you must seek further evaluation from a qualified diagnostician. If you do not seek further evaluation, you will be required to meet the foreign language proficiency and degree requirements of foreign language, if applicable, of your college. The DRO does not accept the Modern Language Aptitude Test (MLAT) as an appropriate diagnostic predictor of foreign language acquisition. It is a useful instrument to predict how well, relative to others, an individual can learn a foreign language in a given amount of time and under given conditions, but it cannot be used as the sole basis for a diagnosis of a foreign language learning disability. The use of the MLAT as one part of a more comprehensive assessment of the learning of foreign language is acceptable.

If you qualify for a foreign language substitution, a letter will be sent to the Associate Dean of your college.