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Electronic Format

Some students need an electronic copy of course materials. Often, with enough notice, instructors or departments can email students electronic copies of course materials or direct them to a web site. The DSO will not process any requests for alternate format materials prior to registration in the course. The DSO does not provide alternate format materials for personal use or study (Section 504, 104.44(d)(2)). Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Save the material in several formats such as Word, Word Perfect, LaTex, and ASCII.
  • Label items according to student preference (regular print, large print, Braille). The DSO has a Braille labeler for your use, if needed.


  • Electronic Format is usually provided by the academic department.
  • If not available from the department or instructor, complete an Alternate Format Request Form and submit clear print copies of materials to be scanned. The DSO will accept but cannot guarantee requests made with less than a two weeks of notice for projects of 100 pages or less. Materials that require extensive editing may take longer and cannot be guaranteed within the two week period.
  • Inform the DSO of your preferred file format such as Word, text, etc.


  • Provide electronic format for course materials that cannot be produced in the academic department with existing equipment