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Class Notes

How to Request Class Notes

Students that qualify for the accommodation of Class Notes must:

  • Request Accommodation Letters
  • Review Syllabus and determine if effective note taking support is already offered by the instructor
  • If a notetaker is required from DRO, submit a request for a notetaker.
  • Follow steps and instructions on how to access the class notes through a shared folder.



  • The Identify department resources such as TAs to take course notes.
  • The following prompt may be used if seeking a peer notetaker: “Dear Students, the Disability Resource Office is seeking a notetaker. If you are able to assist, please let me know as soon as possible.”
  • If the student receives access to course materials, you may request that the student sign the Agreement for Receiving Course Lecture Materials.


  • If a notetaker is used, choose and implement a back-up method, in case the student note taker misses a class.  Possible suggestions may include the use of notetaking paper, an audio recorder or identifying a student who can share notes(DRO can provide paper or a recording device.)
  • Both the DRO and instructor should be notified immediately if the notetaker is not providing notes in a timely manner or if the notes are not effective.
  • Class notes should not be shared with anyone else.

Notetakers (If applicable):

  • Provide notes within 24 hours of class.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the student.
  • Contact the Instructor and DRO if you are no longer able to provide notes.
  • Contact the DRO with any questions or concerns.