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Accessible Textbooks

Alternate format textbooks or accessible textbooks are only available for courses that students are currently enrolled in. Therefore, requests for textbooks should only be made after registration is completed. The DRO does not provide any alternative formats for personal use or study (Section 504, 104.44(d)(2)). Assistance is available from DRO staff at any point during the alternate format process.

The DRO, in conjunction with NC State Libraries and academic departments, provides alternate format textbooks for eligible students when possible and in accordance with all copyright laws and exceptions. Every attempt is made to provide an accessible format in the most efficient and effective way possible. The DRO tries to provide the student’s preferred format but this may not always be possible. Generally, the DRO does not provide multiple formats of the same material unless approved in advance by the Service Provider. Students requesting these accessible formats should submit requests according to the procedures for accessible textbooks (click on any of the following alternate formats for specific procedures).

Instructors may need to allow students to access their textbooks through the use of an electronic device in the classroom.

Steps to Receive an Accessible Textbook

If you do not complete the required steps as outlined, the DRO will not take action and the alternate format requested will not be provided. If you are registered with the DRO and are eligible for an alternate format, you must complete the following each semester:

Contact each instructor

  • Contact your instructors to discuss and implement any required accommodations. Obtain or confirm information (title, publisher, edition) about the required course textbook(s), course packs, etc. Instructors are not responsible for obtaining alternate format for your textbooks; however, when choosing a text for the course should consider accessible textbook availability from the publisher.  Instructors are encouraged to contact the Disability Resource Office for assistance.

Maintain Communication

  • Inform the DRO if you have any questions or if an accommodation or service is needed to complete the required steps.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your alternate format, please email