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Students Approved for Accommodations

The Disability Resource Office collaborates with the student and the course instructor or NC State unit providing the resources to arrange reasonable accommodations.

If you encounter difficulty using approved accommodations for a course, have questions about any accommodation or need clarification on any issue, you are encouraged to contact an Access Consultant or email


[callout heading=”DRO Student Portal” headingicon=”ucomm-wolfs-head” url=”” type=”basic” bgcolor=”white”]Access approved accommodations and services[/callout]

[callout heading=”Approved Accommodations” headingicon=”ucomm-checklist” url=”” type=”basic” bgcolor=”white”]Understanding accommodation procedures[/callout]
[callout heading=”Assistive Technology” headingicon=”ucomm-tablet” url=”” type=”basic” bgcolor=”white”]Technology solutions to remove barriers and promote independence[/callout] [callout heading=”Additional Resources” headingicon=”ucomm-mortarboard” url=”” type=”basic” bgcolor=”white” img=”774″ textbgcolor=”transparentblack”]Campus and community resources available for students[/callout]