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Audio/Digital Format

The DRO only provides audio/digital format of complete books as written. The DRO does not accept requests for individually tailored recordings. If preferred, students may purchase Audio and Digital Books from a variety of vendors, including American Printing House for the Blind, Learning Ally, and Bookshare. The DRO will not process any requests for alternate format materials prior to registration in the course. The DRO does not provide alternate format materials for personal use or study (Section 504, 104.44(d)(2)). If the DRO is providing audio format materials, advanced notice is required to ensure delivery of the material on time.

Tests and handouts should be created in an accessible format.  Instructor may send any course materials to be checked for accessibility to the DRO.  Materials should be sent five business days in advance of the intended use date.

Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Provide textbook title(s), syllabus, and any other course materials to the student well in advance of the semester so that an audio/digital format version can be obtained or produced on time.
  • Adhere to ordering guidelines and deadlines set forth by the bookstore for textbooks.
  • Inform the student of any title, edition, or syllabus changes as soon as possible.


  • Obtain the books, copies of syllabi, and course materials well in advance of the start of the semester.
  • Review materials and obtain additional information from instructor as needed prior to making your request.
  • Textbooks and other Course Materials over 100 Pages
    • Eligible students can obtain audio textbooks from several vendors. and are membership organizations that individuals with qualifying disabilities can join to receive audio format of books that are available in each organizations library. The University has a membership to these organizations and when/where available will provide the required course textbooks and software/hardware to play these types of audio/digital books. You can request these audio/digtial textbooks from these organizations from the DRO using the Request for Alternate Format Form.
    • Please note you must be a member of Learning Ally and Bookshare in order to receive audio format directly from them. You must also be eligible for this accommodation to receive audio format through the DRO.
    • Students should submit Request for Alternate Format form, books, course packs, lab manuals, dissertations and other course materials (over 100 pages) one month prior to the due date to the DSO Assistive Technology Coordinator.
    • The DSO will accept but cannot promise completed text books and other course materials over 100 pages by the due date with less than one month notice as materials that are particularly difficult to produce may take longer.
    • Pick up your audio format when it is ready from the DRO front desk and sign for receipt.
    • Return all audio format by the end of the semester.
  • Other course materials 100 Pages or Less
    • Submit Request for Alternate Format Form to the Assistive Technology Coordinator.
    • Provide articles or course materials to the DRO two weeks prior to the due date.
    • Materials that are particularly difficult to convert may take longer.
    • The DSO will accept but cannot guarantee completed materials by the due date with less notice.
    • Pick up your audio format when it is ready from the DRO front desk and sign for the receipt.
    • Report any problems to the DRO service provider immediately.
    • Return all audio format by the end of the semester.


  • Convert textbooks and course materials that are not already in an audio format.
  • Recruit, hire, train, supervise, and pay alternate format staff as needed.
  • Request assistance from instructor to explain visual details when necessary.