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Permission to Audio Record Class Lectures

Students with disabilities who are unable to take or read notes may have the accommodation to record class lectures only for personal study purposes.  Students may use smart-pens, digital recorders and smartphone / computer applications for the purpose audio recording the lecture.


  • Contact DRO if there are concerns about recording the class lecture. Generally concerns regarding the instructor’s right to privacy of information discussed in the classroom or a breach of copyright does not override the student’s right to access/accommodation. The DRO will work to ensure that concerns for privacy and protection of copyright is respected and addressed while still assuring the availability of an accommodation for the student.
  • Instructors should notify the class when to stop taking notes so that student can turn off the recording device, if needed.
  • If required, the student should sign the DRO Agreement for Recording Lectures and Seminars to give to the instructor.


  • Notify the Instructor of the intention to record the lecture before using any device. Failure to do so may result in a violation of the Code of Student Conduct.
  • If requested by the instructor, sign a DRO Agreement for Recording Lectures and Seminars and return the completed form to the instructor.
  • Turn off the recording device at the instructor’s request, when class comments/discussions are not suitable or essential for class notes.
  • Information contained in the audio-recorded lecture is protected under federal copyright laws and may not be published or quoted without the express consent of the lecturer and without giving proper identity and credit to the lecturer.
  • Lectures recorded for personal study may not be shared without the consent of the lecturer.

If using a device borrowed from the DRO, report any problems with the recorder to