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Use of a Formula Sheet When Memorization is not Essential

A student may be approved to use a formula sheet in any class in which the essential function of the course includes mathematical formulas. This could include non-mathematics classes such as chemistry, physics or engineering.
Using a formula sheet is not the same as using notes on exams. Use of a formula sheet should not compromise any essential course objectives. For example, most courses are assessing application, rather than memorization of the appropriate formula. If an instructor has concerns about the reasonableness of a formula sheet, the DRO should be contacted to determine next steps.

A formula sheet should contain pertinent formulas for the materials to be tested, but is not limited to those formulas. Students are expected to recognize what equations are pertinent to the current course materials and understand the proper use of the information. Instructors involved in this accommodation should feel comfortable stipulating guidelines and deadlines in regards to creating the sheet. Either the instructor or the student may create the sheet. If created by the student, instructors must approve it before the exam. If the student creates the sheet, it is our suggestion that the student give it to the instructor about one week in advance of the exam date. Once any necessary changes are made, and
the sheet is approved, it should be sent to DRO, along with the exam materials, by the instructor.