Planning Accessible Events for People Who Have Physical Disabilities

When planning events on or off campus, the following must be considered:

  • Is the facility (building, theater, stadium, etc.) accessible to a person who uses a wheelchair?
  • Have you publicized that your event will be accessible for people who have mobility impairments?
  • Have you include the international access logo shown below at the bottom right hand corner of your advertisement?
  • Is the facility entered on ground level or ramped?
  • Are outside doors able to be used independently by persons using a wheelchair or having some other mobility impairment?
  • If the main entrance is not accessible, is signage showing alternate access available?

Once inside, are all the floors accessible to wheelchair users, persons with mobility impairments or persons who are blind or have visual impairments?

  • Is there an elevator to all floors?
  • Are the elevators marked with Braille or raised letters?
  • Is there dispersed wheelchair seating or unobstructed view seating?

Are there men’s and women’s restrooms close to the meeting area?

  • Are entrance doors wide enough for wheelchair users? The proper width is 32 inches.
  • Are sinks, mirrors and paper towel dispensers accessible?
  • Are there wheelchair accessible stalls?

Is disabled parking available?

  • Are spaces marked with the HP symbol?
  • Are spaces close to the main entrance?

If transportation is being provided, have accommodations been made for wheelchair users?

  • Have you scheduled wheelchair accessible buses or vans?

Are food areas wheelchair accessible?

  • Are buffet areas, bars and seating tables accessible to wheelchair users?

For questions and assistance with issues related to Physical accessibility.