There are several types of interpreters such as ASL interpreters, Cued Speech Transliterators, Sign Language transliterators, and Oral Transliterators. The DRO will contact the student and instructor as needed with specific information about the interpreter.


  • Allow interpreter to attend the course meetings
  • Provide all  course information and materials as requested by DRO
  • Confirm any required events outside the usual classroom schedule i.e. field trips, etc.


  • Request Accommodation Letters as early as possible. A minimum of ten business days notice prior to the start of the semester is recommended.
  • Contact the DRO immediately if and when:
    • You drop the course. Make sure you have informed your instructor as well.
    • There is any change in course meeting times, places, or other essential information (e.g. field trips, alternate meeting places, etc.).
    • Your interpreter does not report to class.
    • You experience other problems. Report problems immediately to the instructor and the DRO.
    • Request services for any additional meetings or events outside of class meetings.
    •  The course meeting times, locations, or other essential information has changed.
  • The DRO encourages students to contact the DRO of any planned absences three business days in advance when possible.