Course Policy Adjustment

Reasonable Course Policy Adjustments are intended for students with chronic, physical, or mental health disabilities that are episodic in nature. These students may have periodic flare-ups resulting in occasional interruptions that can interfere with academic functioning.

This accommodation is intended to build in a modest amount of flexibility to course policy, when reasonable, to address the impact of periodic flare ups. It is not designed to comprehensively address or fully support a student who misses, or is unable to participate for extended periods of time. 

In some cases, course policy adjustments may not be possible due to essential course requirements and the student’s final grade may be impacted should the student choose to enroll or stay enrolled in a particular course. The DRO cannot guarantee a desired outcome but does assure full consideration of all relevant variables when making access determinations.

Procedure for Requesting the Course Policy Adjustment

If a student has periodic flare-ups documented to be regular or recurring that may require more flexibility than allotted in the syllabus, the student should discuss possible options with the DRO. Through the information provided, the DRO will determine whether a Course Policy Adjustment is reasonable. Once approved, the DRO will collaborate with the instructor to identify reasonable adjustments that will maintain essential course requirements and outcomes through an agreement. Verifying each absence/interruption under this accommodation is not required.


  1. Students send accommodation letters prior to (or within) the first two-weeks of the new semester.
    • Sending letters later than two weeks prior to the withdrawal deadline for the respective semester (one-week prior to the deadline to withdraw for Summer I & II term courses) may limit available options, withdrawal deadlines can be found on the NC State Academic Calendar.
  2. When prompted by DRO, the instructor completes Course Policy Adjustment Questionnaire within 5-business days. 
  3. DRO sends an approved Course Policy Adjustment Agreement to the student and instructor. Any concerns should be shared with the DRO within 2-business days of receipt of the Agreement.
    • Students that do not receive a Course Policy Agreement and believe one is necessary should follow-up with their instructor and copy
  4. The Student or instructor should contact the DRO immediately if the expectations in the agreement are not being met, or if there are any other concerns during the semester.