Fast Facts


In 1985, the Office of Disability Services for Students was created to provide assistance to all students having physical, psychological, learning, chronic and temporary disabilities and administratively housed under the Counseling Center. In 1999, the office joined the Office for Equal Opportunity (now the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity). In 2005, the Office for Equal Opportunity reorganized its disability compliance functions into one unit, and the Disability Services for Students office was changed to the Disability Services Office to reflect the added duties of serving faculty and staff. In accordance with a campus-wide strategic alignment the Disability Services Office joined the Division of Academic & Student Affairs on July 1, 2012.


  • Nine professional and support staff
  • Approximately 70 temporary student workers who assist in the provision of accommodations


  • Eligibility Process: Determines the eligibility status of students wishing to disclose a disability. Staff reviews documentation and interviews the student to determine functional limitations.
  • Accommodation Process: Determines what, if any, reasonable accommodations are needed based on the functional limitations; work with faculty to determine if an accommodation changes the essential requirements of a course and identifies any possible alternatives or solutions.
  • Testing Accommodations: Assists faculty who may not have appropriate resources in providing testing accommodations. Accommodations such as extended time, reduced distraction spaces and assistive technology are provided at the Disability Services Office.
  • Assistive Technology: Consults with students on appropriate assistive technology to assist them in accessing their educational programs.